Sampietro 1927

It is a street lamp for city use, characterized by a stalk consisting of four little squares made of iron that open on the upper part taking the traditional pinecone shaped working; the space created in this way contains a source of light. The street lamp Plenilunio reinterprets an object that traditionally belongs to the production of wrought iron, in this case deprived of the mass of decorations in order to give greater strength to the working themselves. The project focuses on one working that enhances its nature and emphasizes its esthetic qualities. Therefore the street lamp Plenilunio consists of a stalk that opens in the typical pinecone shape expanded till it turns into the structure of the object itself. For the nature itself of this working, the street lamp becomes dynamic and light while the empty volume that is created contains the source of light protecting it. It almost seems that the luminous sphere fluctuates, kept or maybe caught by the branches.

Design: Simone Fanciullacci + Antonio de Marco + Marco de Santi + Antonietta Fortunato


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