Sampietro 1927

It is a modular structure consisting of one element made of wrought iron with a characteristic “V” geometry; the elements are arranged to hook on each other by means of metal rings. Moresco results from the research of the characteristics and potentials of wrought iron aiming at combining the tenacity and the resistance, which are usually attributed to this material, with lightness and softness characteristic of nets. Being inspired by Moorish decorations and by geometrical grids that usually make them up, a triangular based module has been drawn. These elements are able to combine themselves creating surfaces thanks to a simple hooking system. Thanks to the freedom of direction for the modules, it is possible to create endless configurations; it is possible to install the nets on several looms to build partition walls, banisters or railing and to bend them, adapting them for example to the parapets of stairs. Looking at MORESCO you have the feeling to be in front of a traditional bars made of wrought iron; but when you touch the mesh it is made with you are surprised by the unexpected flexibility of the material.

Design: Simone Fanciullacci + Antonio de Marco + Marco de Santi + Antonietta Fortunato


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