The candlestick Manhattan born with the purpose of furnishing the domestic space in a iconic and surprising way; the idea to put at the center of the table a small architecture, an object that could speak regardless of the presence of candles on it. The different sizes and sections of the metal profiles, their staggered arrangement respect to each other, but also their mirror finish, such as for the big glass skyscrapers, gives the object the appearance of a small skyline, just like the one of New York.

It’s an object created almost spontaneously, a project led by the components and materials of which it is made, noting how these are stored in the mechanic workshops. The collection consists of three candlesticks, which contain one, three or five candles. It was also expected to be able to use each piece as a small vase, thanks to a small glass accesory that fit in one of the chromed tubes. The concept of small domestic architecture can be expanded thanks to the fact that all the candlesticks have the possibility to be put together between them in a continuous solution potentially infinite.

Design: Simone Fanciullacci + Antonio de Marco



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