DiagoLinea born from the desire to create a dynamic system of lacquered shelves , an evolutionary design, able to satisfy the desires and needs that may arise during the time. Borrowing from the LagoLinea’ system the rules of geometry, we created a system in which unstructured shelves support each other, taking unexpected angles that seem to defy gravity; effect accentuated by the inclusion of invisible bookends. The exclusive wall mounting allows the individual elements to rotate on themselves, giving rise to endless configurations and transforming, in a simple and intuitive way, the compositions
already installed. The system integrates with LagoLinea of course, but also to other products of the family Lago, creating compositions in which the languages of different products communicate with each other in an unique way.

The unique wall mounting system “DiagoLinea” consists of a single pin, allows the individual elements to rotate on themselves giving rise to endless configurations. The user is free to turn it in a simple and intuitive way the composition already installed.
The installation of a configuration requires half the time compared to a traditional system having  a single point wall fixing.

Design: Simone Fanciullacci + Antonio de Marco


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