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SECONDOME presents PADIGLIONEITALIA: “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition”.
An alchemic cooperation between Secondome and Padiglioneitalia mixes 100% italian design and manufactory.

There are several links that connect Secondome and Padiglioneitalia: sperimentation, research as well as the choice to abandon the mechanical production in favor of craftmanship. Those are the premises for a collection, in numbered limited edition, which includes pieces set to explore the inner potential of the mix between deeply different materials such as glass and metals. The results of those experiments embody the Aristotelic process of power becoming act: objects whose idea seems familiar yet are different from the usual, whit original, entirely new and shapes indeed weird.
The designers involved in the project are: Gio Tirotto, Alhambretto, CTRL ZAK, Alessandro Zambelli, Matteo Cibic, 4P1B, Giorgia Zanellato, Zaven and Marco Raparelli.

DEUS is a couple of objects turned into machines by 4P1B. The brass structure is actually a mechanism that allows the object to be used. The pitcher can be tilted to pour its content, the candle holder can turn off the flame by pulling a lever that shuts down the oxigen income.

Design: Simone Fanciullacci + Antonio de Marco



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